Hopwood Hard Hat

Source: The Manchester Evening News

A rare glimpse inside Hopwood Hall – the once grand 12th century home that’s crumbling down

Help is on the way for an historic north Manchester home – all the way from the States

For more than 500 years it was a grand family home, but a rare glimpse inside reveals just how far Hopwood Hall has fallen from its former glory.

While some ornate features remain (almost) intact – a family shield, a fireplace – the walls are crumbling and covered in graffiti as the house falls further and further into disrepair.

But one member of the Hopwood family – whose ancestors were born in the ‘birthing room’ hundreds of years ago – is hoping he can save it.

In a story that could have come straight from the pages of a screenplay, American actor and director Hopwood DePree has left his home in the Hollywood Hills to fight to restore the building his English ancestors founded in the 12th Century.

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