Hopwood's UK Comedy Tour | Hopwood XIV

Hopwood’s UK Comedy Tour

See Hopwood in a city near you! A live stand-up storytelling show!
Hopwood's UK Comedy Tour 1

The Yank is a Manc! My Ancestors & Me

In a fish-out-of-water comedy of errors, Hopwood DePree tells the true story of how he gave up Tinseltown to save his 600-year-old British ancestral pile. Expect family history, culture clashes, community spirit and plenty of calamities in an uplifting multimedia stand-up show.

While researching his ancestry online, Hopwood stumbles upon Hopwood Hall. Built by his ancestors in 1426, the 60-room mansion is falling down and Hopwood is now on a mission to save it!

Age Suitability: 14+

Tickets Starting at £6.50

Brighton, England

Brighton Fringe Festival

May 13-19, 2019

Manchester, England

Manchester Fringe Festival

July 3-6, 2019

London, England

Camden Fringe Festival

August 13-17, 2019

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

August 19-24, 2019