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The Story of Hopwood Hall Estate

A Historical Site

Hopwood Hall is a Grade II* Listed historic home located in Middleton, Greater Manchester, England. It was originally constructed around 1420. The Hall was the ancestral country estate of the Hopwoods, landed gentry who held it from at least the 12th century.

Inhabitants of the Hall

Lord Byron

Lord Byron

Famous guests included the poet Lord Byron who stayed at Hopwood Hall where he wrote his ground-breaking poem, ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’. In appreciation of his new-found success, he gifted the Hopwood Family an extravagant fireplace dated 1658 which remains in the Hall today. Guy Fawkes also famously visited the Hall in search of funding whilst plotting his Gunpowder Plot.

End of an Era

The Hopwoods lived at the Hall for over 500 years until the end of WWI when the two male heirs were tragically killed in action, along with 24 members of staff. Overwhelmed with grief, the aging parents decided to leave the estate and relocate to London. The Hall became utilised by the Lancashire Cotton Corporation during World War II and then in 1946 became a training ground for Roman Catholic teachers under the De La Salle Brothers who departed in the early 1990s. 

Sitting vacant for decades, the site fell into extreme disrepair after it suffered numerous thief and vandal attacks. The nationally significant Hall is within the 7% most important listed buildings in the country and is currently on Historic England’s “At Risk” register.

Hopwood Heirs
Hopwood DePree

New Beginnings

In late 2017, Hopwood DePree, an American descendant of the Hopwoods, made a significant move to England to spearhead plans to restore Hopwood Hall Estate and as much of the surrounding green space as possible. Emergency work to make the building structurally sound and waterproof started in May 2018.    Hopwood’s vision for the future of Hopwood Hall Estate is a destination art, culture & lifestyle venue with accommodation for events, retreats, weddings and community programming.  For centuries Hopwood Hall served as a gathering place attracting great minds to visit, relax and create. Hopwood’s goal is to honour these traditions, focusing on an end use that will benefit the community as well as boosting the overall regeneration North Manchester by enhancing cultural, educational, heritage and media opportunities.


Colorized wedding photograph

16th July 1896, Wedding at Hopwood Hall Estate

To enquire about hosting a future wedding or event at Hopwood Hall Estate please email: Office@HopwoodHallEstate.co.uk


The restored and reimagined Hopwood Hall Estate will serve as a destination arts venue with accommodation.  A bustling creative hub and retreat, it will provide bespoke cultural, educational, and heritage opportunities in a unique country house setting amidst the serene Northern England landscape.

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