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The Hopwood Hall Estate rescue project is backed by the Registered Charity 1192774, “Hopwood Foundation for Heritage, Arts, Education & Inspiration”. A membership support group known as the Hopwood Foundation FRIENDS provide assistance to the restoration, preservation, protection, development and management of Hopwood Hall Estate and; that in carrying out its activities, the Hopwood Foundation FRIENDS, shall so far as is possible, endeavour to provide benefits to the community as a whole.

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Join The Hopwood Foundation FRIENDS by donating a minimum of £10 annually

Benefits of Membership of The Hopwood Foundation FRIENDS:

*Help support and preserve the historic Hopwood Hall Estate

*Participate in activities and special events

*Receive Newsletters

*Join by donating a minimum of £10 annually

For further information, contact Office@HopwoodHallEstate.co.uk

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