The American: Hopwood DePree: A Yank in the UK!

Posted on 21st May 2020 by Fred Wall

Hopwood Depree tells us about swapping the States for a British Historic Estate, and US Comedy in the UK

Thank you for your time Hopwood – our traditional first question, where in the States are you from?

I grew up in Holland, Michigan. I moved to Los Angeles at age 18 and have lived part-time in both places ever since. So I guess I’m an LA dreamer with Midwestern roots.

You now live in the UK – what prompted the move?

One night in LA I was on my computer researching my ancestry when I stumbled across a 600-year-old manor built by ancestors called ‘Hopwood Hall’. The home was in desperate need of a rescue. I sent an email to find out more about it and their response was ‘When are you coming to England?!’ Before I knew it I was on a plane and my whole life has now become focused on saving the house. A classic example of the danger of going online while drinking wine.

What do you most like about living in the UK, and most miss about the US?

I love that in the UK everything is so old, and miss that everything in the US is so new.

How do you handle the subtle language changes in British-English versus American-English when on stage?

I am still trying to grasp the language differences which is probably why I am so confused all the time.

Why is American comedy so popular in the UK?

For centuries, the Brits have always liked laughing at the Americans.

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