4 thoughts on “VLOG 11: CEILING RESCUE!

  1. Claudine Fray

    Really pleased that the hall is being restored. I was a student at Hopwood in the early 1980’s and have many happy memories of going to the hall as it was the student union. Also we were taken on a tour of the rest of the house where the De La Salle brothers lived, it was a superb building. I was dismayed to see it in such a terrible state and feel whoever is responsible should be ashamed about letting such a fantastic building fall into such a state, I am sure it didn’t need to happen.

    1. Hopwood DePree

      Thanks Claudine, yes agreed- it is a superb building. Really it’s the thieves and vandals that should be blamed as they caused all the damage. Hopefully we are past that now and on our way to bringing the Hall back to its former glory. Best regards

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