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An invitation is being extended to all those who would like to actively participate in supporting the restoration of The Hopwood Hall Estate to join a volunteer gathering…


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  1. I’m really happy that Hopwood is being saved…! It’s a historic structure and shameful that it was allowed to fall into disrepair and even dereliction.
    I was a student at ‘Hopwood Hall’ – a Catholic teacher training college – from 1972 to 75. My department – Geography – actually had its base in the old hall so I remember it fondly. De La Salle Brother Michael was the head of the department and tutorials were held in a room in the hall.
    I now live in Hampshire so don’t get up to north Manchester that often but would love to see the old hall again and am very keen to get news and updates about the progress in saving it.
    Hope to keep in touch and to hear regular news items from you.
    Good luck with this great task…!


  2. I’m thrilled that the old hall is being restored. I have seen the work that is being done to keep it from dereliction and it is fantastic.
    I am hoping to help in any small way that I can and am trying to scrounge materials but people’s pockets seem well closed
    All the best for the continuing work and hope to see you all soon

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